Why Do People Choose Stupidity?

I think about people I know and people I’ve seen, and I wonder why anyone would choose to be stupid. If you have the opportunity to learn and make yourself a better person, why wouldn’t you? It makes no sense to me at all.

Just as an example: A person has horrible grammar, pronunciation and often uses words wrong. People around them correct them and try to encourage them to speak correctly. After every correction they just say “Whatever”, “Toe-may-toe toe-mah-toe” or they get pissed off. WTF? That pisses me off!   😡   Why would you not want to learn to speak properly?

I see shit like that all the time. I know, I know, I shouldn’t let it get to me. I do try to ignore it, but it grates on my nerves. I see no reason for not wanting to learn and become a better person. I can think of tons of excuses, but not one single legitimate reason. A lot of people say that “It’s the way I’ve always talked.” as if that’s a reason. It’s not. I know each person has the right to choose the way they want to live, and if being uneducated is what they want it’s their decision, but why would anyone choose to be stupid?

I know I’m not perfect, I sometimes have trouble with certain punctuation use, but if someone pointed it out to me I’d fix it and try to remember for the future. The same applies on the rare occasions when I misuse or mispronounce a word. I use slang sometimes, but that’s a choice and I know what I’m doing in a casual setting. I would never allow myself to sound or act like a lot of people that I know or have seen. I think it’s disgraceful that anyone would make a choice to be less than the best they can be, or even the slightest bit better than they are.

I See Dumb People
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Ignorance is one thing, that means you don’t know or don’t have the ability to learn. I can understand that, but it can be remedied. Deliberate stupidity is just more than I can grasp. I wish I knew of some way to make people understand. What’s worse is that I’ve seen people get angry when others don’t understand them, some even cry. The thing is, it’s their own fault, not anyone else’s! If they’d learn to speak with some intelligence and clarity, they wouldn’t have communication issues!

I just think people need to accept when they’re flawed and work to fix it. Saying it’s what you’ve always done or acting like it doesn’t matter just doesn’t cut it. There’s no reason for acting that way, and no reason for not bettering yourself. People should be thankful for those around them who are willing to help them be better, not be angry that they’re being corrected.



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  1. It’s sad. I was a college tutor for ten years. My speciality was teaching math to blind students without braille. I have worked with many developmentally disabled people in my life and have enjoyed that.
    There is however a very different section of the population that does not see the reason to put forth effort to learn. I haven’t figured out if its arrogance or laziness, or both? When I was young I thought everyone worked hard to learn as much as they could because that was how to have a better life. “They aspired to be intelligent and that was a sign of greatness. So much of what i see now is the opposite.


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