Money Shouldn’t Matter in Love

As noted in a previous rant, I’m extremely bothered by the fact that more and more, people are judging others by the amount of money they have rather than paying any attention to the personality of the individual. A judgement is made based on the person’s income, and often it is a false one. Anyone with any sense knows that one’s income and who they are as a person are not directly tied. However, this is how things are being done.

This was most recently brought to my attention on a dating site where apparently a low-income woman has less of a chance of finding a mate than one with more income. That sickens me. A person with more money is not going to be a better person. Income and who you are inside are not the same thing, and you can’t look at one to judge the other.

The gold-digger mentality has been around for ages, but it’s getting worse. People are judging one another based on income. They’re not even paying attention to who the person is. If they even appear that they might not have a certain amount of money, they are disregarded as unworthy, and no further investigation is done. I hope you all see what’s wrong with that picture. Don’t you think a person’s personality should be more important? Shouldn’t emotional and mental compatibility trump all? Even physical preference should come before money.

More and more we’re becoming a shallow, materialistic society. We ignore the things that matter in favor of possessions and wealth. We have to end that as quickly as possible. Don’t judge a potential partner by their clothes, car or job. That person in the jeans that works at Burger King may be the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. That person with the Ferrari and Gucci shoes might be the most horrible person you’ve even encountered. Poor doesn’t mean bad and wealthy doesn’t mean good. Good and bad people come from every walk of life and every financial status. The size of one’s bank account tells you nothing at all about who they are. Stop looking at the material!

You need to get to know people for who they are. Learn about their mind, their heart, their beliefs. These are the things that matter. Judging another based on their income only goes to prove that you, yourself, are not a good person. It shows that you’re flawed and your priorities are in the wrong place. Change yourself starting right now. Encourage others to change. Make sure the world knows that money is not a reason for loving or not loving someone. The love of your life may be a pauper or a king, if you disregard the wrong one, you may lose out on the best thing that could ever happen to you.

Money Can Buy chocolate - Available at Zazzle
Money Can Buy Chocolate – Available at Zazzle

It’s also worth noting that people are not just doing this in matters of romantic partners, but also friends. Many will not even consider being friends with someone who is in a lower income bracket. Many will throw away friendships if the person falls on hard times and suddenly has less money. These things are wrong. Again, money does not make someone a better or worse person. Their heart and mind are what they are, regardless of income. Never refuse to have someone in your life just because they don’t have a lot of money. Even a homeless person may have a wonderful soul, and knowing them could completely enrich your life.



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