16 Years, 400 Poems -or- A Landmark Event

The Dark Side of My Mind – The Complete CollectionAs I recently mentioned, I just finished Volume 10 in the Dark Side series. This brings me to kind of a landmark point: 400 poems. Now I’m playing with he idea of making a book with a tile something like “16 Years, 400 Poems” I think it would be kind of neat to have one big book with all those poems in it. People would then have a choice of either buying each individual poem, or the collection. It might actually be an attractive option too, because it would be cheaper in the long run than buying all the books individually.

I already put out a book some time back that I stupidly called “The Complete Collection”. I have no idea what I was thinking. There will probably never be any such thing as a complete collection, because I keep writing. I leave it out there because the work is already done, but I feel bad that now the title is pretty misleading. That’s another reason I’m thinking about doing another collection. At least this time people will be getting exactly what the title infers.

Like volume 10 of the Dark Side series, I have no idea when this book would be out to the public. I’ve learned my lesson on promising release dates for anything. If you make a promise, shit will happen and you won’t make it. So, it’ll be out when it’s out. One of the things that’s going to take a while is making a new cover. I want something special for the collection. I’ll have to come up with something amazing.

As for the future of the series, I have no idea. It seems like I’ve been tapping into a new source of inspiration, so I believe there will at least e a volume 11. After that, who knows? I hope I keep writing and I hope people keep buying them. I thought poetry was a dead market, but i keep getting a steady trickle of sales, so I’ll keep putting them out there.

Actually, that’s something else I’ve decided on. Yes, I’d love to become what others would consider a “successful” author, meaning I’d like to be getting a good income from it. However, I’m going to keep writing and publishing no matter what. If no one ever buys a book I wrote, so be it. If they buy a million copies, all the better. I’m going to do what I love and hope for the best. If you’d like to make me really happy, you can always go to the books section of the blog and buy a few books.  😉


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  1. The cover for the book is in progress, and the content is formatted and ready. I’m taking a break for Halloween (my birthday) and kinda rebooting life, but I’ll be back to work on this and my other books in November.


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