Conquered! Emoticon Defense on Insane

Well, after months of trying, I finally beat the last Insane level map on Emoticon Defense 🙂

There are 6 maps available on MindJolt and 6 more on BlessFlasher, and I finally beat every single one of them. I’m rather happy with myself at the moment. This game is a real challenge, and I finally conquered it.

I enjoy tower defense games, and this one looked like something a little different from the ones I was used to. It’s a clever little switch that you dress the emoticons in various outfits to give them new powers. There are even 10 secret outfits to unlock that give bonus powers. At first this game seems pretty easy, but it doesn’t stay that way for long.

There are four difficulty levels for each map: easy, normal, hard and insane. Easy is what it seems, giving you a chance to learn the game. As the levels go on, it gets much harder. You can’t just throw out towers and costumes, you really need to think about what you put where, what outfits to use, and when to upgrade the towers. When you get to insane, it lives up to its name and you start to think you’re going to lose your mind being expected to fight through 75 waves of monsters. Once I really had a feel for it all I did beat a few of the insane level maps, but some continued to elude me.

I kept at it though. I’m like a dog with a bone for some things. I just can’t quit. I know some people would think it’s stupid, what with it just being a game, but it was a personal challenge to defeat those little pixel-based demons. Anyway, it takes thought and patience to figure it all out and finally beat the levels. So I’m happy that I stuck with it, even after I thought some of them felt impossible to beat. Now I’ve done it, and I feel good about that.

I celebrate the little wins, no matter how trivial they may seem to other people. It makes a person feel good to know they accomplished something or won something. No one should ever belittle that. The only down side to this victory is that I’ve played every level of every map on both sites, and now there’s nothing more to it. I need to find a new game to present a new challenge.



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