Valentine’s Day Isn’t About Showing Love, It’s About Buying It

In case the media hadn’t made you aware of it already, here’s a public service announcement: Valentine’s Day is not a day to be kind to your partner, be romantic, or do something nice for them. There is only one way to show that you love your partner or spouse. You must buy them something that costs several months’ salary. Women want diamonds, men want televisions or power tools, and a car can please either gender. Nothing else says love, only expensive possessions.

Yes folks, that is what the media is telling us and has been for ages, and yet we still let it go on. We all know that Valentine’s isn’t a real holiday, so why do we allow it? Valentine’s Day is used as an excuse for lousy partners to try to make up for not being good enough the rest of the year by buying something. And we’re told year after year, that buying something expensive is true love and will fix anything.

The whole thing disgusts me. There was a time in the past when I would try to celebrate V-Day by making dinner for my partner, running them a bath, or doing something extra to show my love. After a while, I just gave it up. The simple truth is: If you’re not showing love to your partner all year, nothing you do on this one day is going to make things any better. It’s not going to get you out of the doghouse for a year of being an ass. Neither woman nor man can make up for not being a loving partner in one day, and anyone who would allow them to think they can is a fool, and a greedy one at that.

We should all just boycott Valentine’s day. Don’t buy anything of high value in February if it can be avoided. Send a message to the companies that we do not believe in buying love. Don’t buy V-Day cards or candies, and certainly stay away from diamonds. If you must have anything to do with the day, just spend it with your partner showing them that you love them, acting in ways that prove it. Stop this horrible materialism cycle. Love your partner all year and always remember that no amount of stuff can express love. No bought thing can say love like a kiss, hug or kind word. Feelings can not be bought with money.


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