I’m More Amazing Than You Know

Briana with skullWith society focusing more on wealth and status than on personality, there are a lot of us in the world who are feeling pretty down about ourselves. Not that we have any real reason to, but when the media and the sheeple around you are telling you you’re not good enough, it can be easy to start to feel like you must be a lowly piece of crap because you’re not what they want you to be. People even go so far as to commit suicide because they feel they’re not good enough. It’s bullshit.

I for one will never be one of the sheeple. I will think for myself and be what I want to be. I don’t need to have a lot of money or fancy clothes or surgery to be amazing. I’ve already got that covered. I’m worthy of friendship and love. I’m more amazing than most people know, and it’s their loss for not getting to know me well enough to realize just how amazing I am.

Now, I know this sounds like I’m about to be totally conceited, but I’m not. I’m just going to share some facts. Why? Because every person needs to look at themselves sometimes and see what makes them a glorious being. They need to see the reasons why they should love themselves and why they deserve to be loved by others. We need to see ourselves for what we really are. See, the sad thing is that a lot of people out there who have “confidence” are actually conceited over fake crap the media has led them to believe is important. The people who should love themselves and let their glory shine to the world are stuck in dark corners feeling bad about themselves. They shouldn’t be. They should be stepping out and showing the world what great people are really like.

So, what makes me amazing? For one, I’m probably one of the most honest people you’ll ever meet. I don’t lie to people. I tell the truth, even when it’s not what they want to hear. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. You’ll never get the manipulative head games from me. I hate that shit. I think most people, especially women, are batshit crazy for lying all the time, then wondering why their lives never make sense. Be honest and you’d be better off. The worst I’ll ever do is make creative use of the truth if I know someone just can’t hack the facts.

I’m also a really loving person and a loyal friend. I’ve had pretty much everyone I’ve ever known turn their back on me, usually over money, but I never turn my back on them. They have to seriously fuck me over for me to cut them loose. I listen to their problems, help them when I can, I’m always there, even when they’re not there for me. I try to show people what a real friend is. I try to be to others the way I want them to be to me. I always treat others the way I want to be treated. And when I love, I do it for real. I care about the person, not what they own or can buy. I’m there through good and bad, not just when things are good.

I’m also very intelligent, eloquent, and talented as hell. I can cook, crochet, make jewelry, write, draw, paint, sculpt… the list goes on. I can hold a conversation about things deeper than some Kardashian’s butt or what was in the latest tabloid rag. I can speak like I have a brain, because I actually do. When I talk to someone, I also listen, and actually care about what they have to say. I create not just for the money, but because I want to share with the world. Whether beautiful or beautifully grotesque, I’m giving part of my soul to the world. I cook not just for sustenance, but because food is happiness. A meal can bring joy and pleasure along with a full stomach.

I’m pretty too. I may not look like I walked out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog, but I’m all woman. I have long hair, breasts, hips, thighs, real curves. I don’t look like a starved teen boy, and I don’t look like a porn star. I’m natural and sexy just the way I am. I believe in being tough, but a lady too. I can be elegant and graceful, or I can get my hands dirty and work hard. I know that the way to a man’s heart is through his heart, not through his pants. I can get love without spreading my legs. When I have a lover, I can drive him wild with what nature gave me, or just by talking to him the right way.

I’m a freak. I like piercings and tattoos and morbid art. I love horror and I put chow mein noodles on my peanut butter sandwiches. I hate reality TV. I think science and metaphysics are cool. I know that everything is better with bacon. I would change my style like the wind if I had more money. I’d prefer to shop thrift stores over the mall any day. I have a sick sense of humor. My head is full of all kinds of screwy shit, and I like it that way. I don’t know shit about that Beiber kid or those sisters with the big asses, but I do know what animal has the longest orgasms. I’m an ordained interfaith minister, a Dr. of metaphysics, I almost got certified as an herbalist and I’ve published a bunch of books about all kinds of things, and I could care less about being nichy or fitting into a genre with my writing or myself. I hate labels.

I’m a hard worker, and I’ve busted my ass for more hours and more years than my bank account would let you know. I don’t give up. I know when to let go, but I don’t throw in the towel easily. I’m no stranger to pain and hardship, but I don’t seek pity. Shit happens and it made me who I am today, so it worked out okay in the long run. I’m a survivor, not a victim. I think, I feel, I look at what matters in the world. I balance my heart and my head and always strive to be the best person I can possibly be, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

And yet, I have no real friends. I can’t find a boyfriend. Fucked up, isn’t it? I’m a hell of a woman and a damn good person, but people just don’t see it. And I’m not alone. So many truly good people are so alone. They’re not sucking on the media teat and following the downward trend, so no one even looks at them twice. They’re afraid to love themselves for who they really are. I think we should stand up and let our gloriousness shine. If you’ve read this far, feel free to comment and post what it is that makes you awesome that people never see or bother to find out about you. Let your awesome flag fly!



3 thoughts on “I’m More Amazing Than You Know

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  1. Unfortunately, in our case, this society does not value art/artists the way they should. Instead, they worship sports and entertainment people, who really don’t contribute much, in my opinion. Ultimately, a society is judged by it’s artifacts, not it’s “sportifacts.” Money is the root of all evil, or the greed syndrome. But, what can we expect, when our country is built on capitalism?
    I have a way above average IQ, I am creative, interested in/care about animals, environment, other cultures and taught myself another language, so I could understand and communicate with that culture better. I have been gifted with other talents, such as being high in prophecy, teaching and having psychic abilities. I am a strong dreamer, in a literal sense. These are not qualities our society values. I also play piano keyboard, design and sew garments.
    I can’t find any friends, either. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, swear and not interested in sports. I don’t cause trouble and it doesn’t even cross my mind.


    1. Oh, don’t even get me started on “athletes”. One football player makes more in a year than a whole school full of teachers combined. Society vales “entertainment” and brain-rot over anything that matters.

      Money isn’t the root of all evil, it’s what people do with it. But we value the dollar over people, over intelligence, talent or heart. It’s a horrible direction to be moving in.

      You obviously have numerous gifts and talents, but you too are without social connection. You’re also afraid to be yourself, you’re anonymous because of what people would think of you if they knew the truth. It’s sad that anyone lives like that. People should hold you in high regard.

      I guess all we really have in the world is each other. Those of us who know what truly matters have to stick together. We have to help one another feel valued for what we really are and try to educate the rest of the world to what really matters.


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