Why Don’t They Put Pockets in Women’s Pants?

I can remember a time when women’s pants all had pockets. It was nice to have a place to put my wallet, change or my hands. Over time, designers stopped putting pockets in a lot of women’s pants. Or worse, they put fake pockets. What’s the deal with that?

I know there are these stupid ideas that all women carry everything in their purse and that ladies don’t put their hands in their pockets, but that’s just nonsense. We’re not all the same. Even though I have a purse, sometimes I don’t want to carry it, or I want to have something in a pocket for easy access. The thing about putting your hands in your pockets, well, that’s just silly.

I find it rather annoying that they stopped putting pockets into pants. I like them, and I know there are other women that do too. Who was the moron who decided we didn’t need them anymore? I’ve got to say though, that the fake pockets are much more annoying. Either they put a flap that makes it look like a pocket but isn’t, or they have a sort-of pocket, that’s maybe an inch deep and totally useless, and usually at some odd angle where if it were real your shit would be falling out of it all the time.

Men aren’t the only ones who want pockets. They’re convenient. Styles really annoy me sometimes. Someone, somewhere, decides that their way is the right way and then all the clothes that get put out follow that trend. We don’t even have a choice in it. Like boot-leg jeans. They seem to be out of style now, but I wear boots all the time and I want pants that fit over them. I despise skinny jeans. I want to be able to go to a store and get what I want, not what some drug-addled designer thinks women ought to be wearing for the next 3 months until they change their mind and screw it all over again.

Men don’t have this issue as much. Sure, men’s styles change too, but stores always sell the old stand-bys. Guys can always buy basic slacks and jeans, they can always buy plain tees and simple button-downs. They’re not at the mercy of the idiotic fashion industry the way women are. Just like they’re not at the mercy of the ever-changing arbitrary sizing changes that women have to deal with. A guy who’s a 36 can always buy his size, he doesn’t have to try on everything in the store to figure out what a 10 actually fits like this year.

The fashion industry needs a serious kick in the ass. Women need to stop being sheep to the media and start making their desires heard. Does anyone ever stop to realize that the media and fashion industry are making women be what they want, and women are just following along like good little automatons? A reality check needs to be served to most of the population. Women need to start thinking for themselves rather than falling victim to whatever the latest trend is.


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  1. Or, you could do what I do and sew whatever you want it to be. I started sewing when I was 8 years old, my Mom taught me how and my grandmas both sewed. My grandpa also did some sewing, my brother sews and both my sons can sew. My sons sew things like vinyl car and boat seats, but my youngest also sewed quilts in highschool.
    As far as sizes, you just take your measurements and use that to make your pattern. No need to figure out what a size 0 is. I mean really, how can anyone be a size of 0? That’s ridiculous! You can purchase patterns and adjust them, to start with. Or, you can use clothing that fits you well and make a pattern from that. Make a test mock up from muslin or an old sheet, to check the fit, then make the real thing. Use whatever type of fabric you want, in a color or print you like, be free! Adding pockets is super easy. So is adding a flare to the pant leg. There are unlimited options! Be creative!


    1. “you could do what I do and sew whatever you want it to be. I started sewing when I was 8 years old”

      No. Obviously most women no longer learn to sew, so it’s an impractical suggestion for the majority. It’s also sexist that women should have to all start learning to sew again while men can do without. I never learned to sew, and that’s pretty normal. I might teach myself, but unlike you, I don’t have a mom or grandma or anyone to teach me how. At this point, my mom is blind, my grandparents are all dead, and I rarely see my aunt. If I did see my aunt often, I’d just ask her to sew my clothes for me because she has a sewing machine and sews things for a hobby. I’m generally not a crafty person either, so even if I managed to teach myself sufficiently, it’d probably be annoying for me to have to sew every pocket and pant leg.

      It took me long enough just to figure out that a lot of real pockets are sewn shut, so you have to break them open. What gives? This is nonsense.


      1. Personally, I think everyone should have a basic knowledge of sewing. Enough to sew on a button and mend a hem at least. It’s sad that we live in a society where people can’t even sew on a button or do more than microwave something for food, and we call it normal.

        I agree though that it’s impractical for anyone, male or female to have to learn to be a seamstress/tailor and make their own clothes because the industry doesn’t make what we want.


  2. or be like old navy and put fake pockets on the back so it’s another seam to tear wide open… and before it tears, it’s 2 little bulges right on our bottom. Very attractive.


  3. women need to go onto the talk shows and really blast the clothing designers, we also need more women designers. why should men dictate to us what we should wear. I want pockets in my pants so I do not have to carry a purse everywhere I go. I heard the sale of womens purses were way down and that was one of the reasons that they stopped putting pockets in jeans. So we would have to carry a purse. That way they sell the jeans and the purses. The only reason they started making the waist of womens pants so that the waist was actually at our waist instead of around our ribs is because so many women started buying men’s pants and wearing them because the waist was made lower and they fit better and were much more comfortable. Maybe we just need to start wearing mens jeans again at least we would have pockets.


    1. I agree with you. and if they made men’s pants in flare leg, I’d be all over them. I also like that men get clothes in inches. I’m sick of always being the same weight but needing to buy a larger size every season. I’m only 130 lbs but I have to wear a 10-12 or extra large. I’m not extra large by any stretch of the imagination! I used to wear a 6 or small about 5 years ago at the same weight.
      Women need to stop falling for and bending to the bullshit and start telling the companies what they really want. And pockets for all!


  4. I agree ‘All Pockets For All’ NOT having pockets in woman’s pants is bullshit, I miss pocket so much it pains me to buy pants that don’t have them, so I too wear men’s pants and that is bullshit… I want POCKETS BACK in Women’s PANTS!!! and these sizes are not real who do they think they’re fooling, I too have to spend more time trying on Large, XL and 2X-3X Pants especially ‘spandex’ pants and I hate when I’m fooled by the fake pockets after I buy the pants and get home and I’m 140lbs and use to wear a 10-12 but not NOW, I want POCKETS BACK and Standardize the SIZE in Women’s PANTS!!!


    1. I agree with all the above to have pockets on my pants. After I retired I did not buy clothes for a while until I started gaining weight and when I did decide to buy I didn’t because of no pockets. I have a compulsion of having pockets because of my car/door keys which from way, way, back I have always kept my car keys handy in my pant pocket for easy access. I hate not having pockets in pants. Some lady’s body are not made for this kind of design, especially mine. I have to buy 2 sizes larger because of the way the pants are made. This is a terrible mistake, and the ones that do have a pocket it is so shallow that keys or cell phone falls out even on a back pocket. Bring pockets back.


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