Grown-ups Collect Monster High Dolls Too!

monster-high-wikiI know some people look down on it, but grown-ups collect dolls too. It doesn’t make them weird or childish. Beauty can be found in a lot of things. Sometimes, something is just so cool that you want to own and collect it. Monster High Dolls are one of those things.

“Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!” and “Freaky just got fabulous!” are the taglines for this line of dolls based on classic movie monsters. They are amazingly cool. Not all of the dolls look great, but most of them are really nice. They’re worthy of collecting. I have 4 named dolls and 4 Create-a-monster dolls. I enjoy displaying them. Of course, I’m dark and weird, so they’re just perfect for me. I’d actually like to have more of them. There’s a new Spectra Vondergeist doll out, and it’s totally on my wishlist. She’s my favorite of all the dolls.

Another cool thing about these dolls is that since they’re ball-jointed dolls at a low price, they’re becoming a favorite for people who do custom dolls. They can’t afford the $100 or more for the high-end dolls, but they can afford $15-20 for Monster High Dolls. So not only are they great for collectors, they’re great for crafty people and artists too.

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons


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