Does Your Handwriting Reflect How Intelligent You Are?

Man_writing-wikiI have heard and read two opposing ideas about handwriting. One says that people who write in a combination of print and cursive show an obvious lack of education and intelligence. The other says that people who write in combined print and cursive are more intelligent and intuitive.

I have to wonder how much validity there is to these arguments, and if studies have been done to prove either one of them to be true. I rather resent the implication that I’m not intelligent because of the way I write. My IQ score would say that I’m quite intelligent, but because I write in both cursive and print together, someone will contradict that?

I find that writing in a combination of the two allows me to write much faster. Perhaps not as legibly as if I wrote in one or the other, but much faster. When I’m trying to get ideas down quickly, I do a combination. When I need other people to read what I’ve written, I print or use cursive. I can actually do both quite nicely, it’s just slower.

I do think it’s sad that people are losing the ability to write in cursive, and that it’s not even being taught in many schools now. It’s an art, but it’s useful as well. People used to be able to write beautifully, now many people are lost without a keyboard. Even men had excellent penmanship, but now we let them get away with hen-scratch.

I’d really like to know if there is any valid, confirmed data on the subject of handwriting and intelligence.

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons


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  1. I don’t know about intelligence, but I have read that people who take the time to learn how to write long hand instead of typing everything have better communication skills overall.


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