Digitizing Out Of Print Books

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been doing more reading lately instead of watching television. I like reading, and there are tons of great books out there. However, I read exclusively on an e-reader, and I’m having some difficulty. There are books I’ve read before that I want to read again, and books I never read that I want to, that aren’t available in digital format.

Many authors are now making their books available digitally, but there are still a lot that aren’t. There are tons of books that are now out-of-print, so you can’t get a paperback and they’re not digital. Those books are basically lost. I don’t understand why an author wouldn’t want their book in digital format.

Especially for out of print books, you’d think the authors (or their families) would want to grab hold of the digital age as a chance to make more money. They can introduce their books to a whole new age of readers and make a profit at the same time. I’ve seen some authors, like Christopher Pike, who have brought all their books from the 90’s out in digital with fresh new covers and are cashing in. It’s a good thing, because now people can read those books again.

I think that there ought to be some sort of service, either paid or volunteer, that would digitize all books so that they can be available to modern readers. If the authors don’t want the money, maybe the funds could be donated to some sort of literacy foundation or given to the volunteers who type up or scan the books.

What books do you wish you could find in digital format? Do you think authors should re-release their books in ebook format for the modern age?

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons


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