Your Starbucks and iPad Don’t Make You Cool

I am so sick of people walking around with their crappy designer coffee and expensive gadgets acting like they’re somehow better than other people. Let me tell you right now, no amount of stuff makes you better than someone else. As a matter of fact, the fact that you think it does, actually makes you less. Having money or spending money doesn’t make you cool, important or a better person.

Being a better person is about who you are, how you act and what you say. You spend $5 on a cup of coffee? That means you’re not smart enough to realize you can have coffee for like $1 a cup. You own some $1000 fancy phone? Who cares? It probably doesn’t make calls any better than the $50 one. How you act is what makes you a good person. That’s what makes you worth being around, not what you’ve got or how much it cost.

You need to be a good person. You need to show respect for yourself and others. You need to know what really matters in life and what’s trivial. That’s cool, not your diamond-studded jeans. Helping others, sharing knowledge, treating people with kindness and respect, that’s way cooler than your car. That makes me want to know you. Good people don’t care about how much you make or what you own, they care about who you are.

So quit flaunting your stuff thinking it makes you any better than someone who doesn’t have what you’ve got. It just makes you a small, petty person. You can’t buy real friends, love or happiness.

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile



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