Stealth and Anti-Gravity Modes in House Cats

Cats are awesome. They’re cute and lovable and sometimes funny as all heck. They’re also tricky li’l buggers too.

Enter Stealth Mode: This is the mode where, even though your cat has both a bell and a tag on their collar, they somehow manage to move around the house without making a sound. Not so much as a jingle can be heard, then suddenly the cat is atop the refrigerator or on top of you. There was no warning, they just appear, and you start to wonder why you bought that stupid bell in the first place.

Enter Anti-gravity Mode: This is one of a cat’s greatest powers. Cats have a secret anti-gravity function which allows them to hover into your lap without you knowing that they got there. Anti-grav turns off slowly, so it takes a while for the weight to catch your attention, but the underlying warmth lets you know the cat has been there at least 10 minutes before you became aware. There’s also an extra-gravity mode. This is the one they use when they want to ensure that your limbs go numb so you can’t escape being the kitty bed. A cat gains 5-10 pounds in this mode.

Does your cat have any special modes?

Image: © Briana Blair, Photo of my cat Jynx when she was a kitten.



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