Education Could Prevent Criminal Activity

I heard the most disturbing thing a while back. Apparently, prison funding is determined (at least in some areas) by education levels. They look at how well grade-schoolers are doing. If they’re doing badly, more funding goes to prisons because they know in a handful of years those ill-educated kids will be out committing crimes. How messed up is that?

There are two early keys to keeping people from committing crime: good parenting and education. It’s sad to think that rather than putting funding into education to keep kids from turning into criminals, the government is just accepting the inevitable and putting the funding into prisons. What does that say about us as Americans?

Apparently, we care so little for our own future that we’d rather have criminals than useful citizens. We think it better to let them break the law than teach them the things they need to know to be useful members of society. There is something seriously wrong with that line of thinking.


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