A Woman Says “I Want That”

face woman-art-morgThere’s this old saying, and unfortunately, it’s often true:

A man sees his friend with an amazing woman. He thinks she’s fantastic, but she’s taken. He looks at her and says “I want one like that”. A woman sees her friend with an amazing man. She thinks he’s fantastic, but he’s taken. She looks at him and says “I want that”.

The difference there is that the guy doesn’t want what his friend has, he wants one of his own. The woman wants to take what her friend has.

Not all women are like that, but too many are. Rather than find a good man of their own, they’ll try to take one away from someone else. Unfortunately, they fail to see the major flaw in that course of action.

If a guy is with another woman, and you can steal him away, that means he wasn’t that good to begin with. If a man will cheat on his girlfriend for you, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you for someone else later? Oh, I know, you’re more awesome than her and he’ll never do that to you. Yeah, right. He will, just wait.

Not to mention, what kind of friend goes after their friend’s lover? Not a very good one, that’s what kind. Your friend may never forgive you for that betrayal and dishonesty. Of course, a truly good man would never fall for someone who’s such a false friend and such a snake as to try to steal a man from another woman.

Ladies, go find your own men and quit trying to steal them from other women. There are lots of guys in the world. You don’t need to destroy someone else’s happiness to create your own. And the thing is, you’ll never be truly happy with a stolen man anyway.

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile


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