I’m Curvy, Not Fat, And I’m Beautiful

bri-2013-redIt’s a sad trend that the media is trying to make women look like toothpicks with basketballs strapped on. It’s not beauty, it’s artificial, and it’s ugly. Women come in so many wonderful shapes and sizes, and we should all embrace our natural beauty.

Me, I’m curvy. I have hips and thighs and quite a butt. I have an ample bosom and a bit of a belly, but not too much. I have great curves. I am NOT fat. I’m 5′ 2″ and 127. There’s nothing wrong with my body. Sure, some things aren’t as perky as they were a decade ago, but that’s nature. I’m still beautiful and desirable. I don’t need Botox or breast implants or a massive diet. Nature knew what it was doing, I don’t need to interfere.

Women need to learn to love the body nature gave them. Maybe your breasts are big, maybe they’re small. They’ll be loved by someone either way. Maybe you’re tall and trim, maybe you’re short and voluptuous, maybe you’re one of the million places in between. No matter what, you’re exactly how you should be.

bri-in-fishnet-two-11-12-08It’s especially hard on bigger girls and women, well, bigger being anything over 110 pounds these days. The media wants us to feel fat and ugly, but we don’t need to. If you’re truly overweight, you’ll know it, and you can work to fix that. You don’t need to go on a diet and work out 4 hours a day just because you can’t fit a size 2 dress. If you’re just nicely padded, you can embrace it and carry it with pride.

Love the body you’re in. If you don’t right now, learn to. Stop paying attention to the media and shallow people. Learn to love the natural you. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Do you love your body? If not, why? Can you learn to ignore the media and celebrities and love the real you?

Images: © Briana Blair


4 thoughts on “I’m Curvy, Not Fat, And I’m Beautiful

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  1. I’ve actually seen more criticism against thin women. We’re all told we need to have “curves”, even though some women are naturally thin. The “real women have curves” movement is asinine. Yes, it’s ok to be curvy or chunky (there’s a difference between the two) and it’s ok to be thin. Not all thin women are on diets like they want us to think. “That skinny bitch needs to eat a cheeseburger!” is starting to make me turn to veganism. The media is always about big breasts. Tons of magazines and tv shows and movies and commercials, etc., all make us think that “bigger is better” when it comes to breast size. That’s the message women receive. They tell us Kate Upton is “curvy”, though she’s far from curvy. What she is, is “busty” or “buxom”. But she’s hailed as this super hot woman because of her breast size. Just like a runway model, she has no hips, no waist—absolutely no shape to her body at all, BUT! she has huge breasts, so it’s ok! But if you’re THIN and you don’t have hips or a butt and no/small breasts, then it’s a bad thing. So basically, you don’t have to be thin, you just need big breasts. It’s told to women (and men) daily. Everybody criticizes Kate Moss’s body, but would they if she had big breasts? No, they wouldn’t. And that’s why women get breast implants, because we’re told we have to have big breasts.


    1. I’ve seen some of what you mention, but not as much as the battle against people who aren’t skinny. I suppose what we see depends a lot on what part of the spectrum we fall into. Slim women probably do see things from the other side more than fuller women do.

      You do have some good points though. Some people are naturally thin, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We should be whatever we’re meant to be. Unfortunately, a lot of females go for being too thin, thinking that it’s more attractive than being “fat.” As for the breasts, I hear you there. I think breasts of all sizes are great, but yes, the media does teach people that bigger is better. I’ve even read claims by men that a woman can be a bitch, so long as she’s got a nice rack.

      I had to Google Kate Upton. She looks okay, pretty face and all, but I couldn’t find many photos that gave me any idea of her lower body, they do focus on her breasts. I will say one thing, from the way they hang they look natural, which is kind of amazing these days. As for Kate Moss, there were times when she really took it too far. I think there’s a big difference between naturally thin and “oh my god I can count every bone in your body through your skin.” I mean, when the magazines have to Photoshop a model so she doesn’t look like a corpse, you know she’s too thin.

      Overall we need to have more variety in the media and women need to be taught to be healthy, first and foremost. If healthy for one person weighs more or less than the next person, it shouldn’t matter. We’re not all supposed to look alike.


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