You Can Be Different And Be Respected Too

thumbs-up-clkrI’ve been writing online for a long time. I’ve met a lot of other writers and had people both love me and hate me for my work and my ideas. I’ve always been cool either way.

Something occurred to me recently though. I’m connected to some amazing writers, some of them professionals, and they respect me. I don’t write like they do, I don’t work like they do, I don’t think like they do. But they still respect me. They’re totally cool with me dancing to the beat of my own drum. They can see my talent and who I am as a person, and they respect and support me. It’s really awesome.

It just goes to show that you don’t need to conform to be liked or respected. You can stand out from the crowd, be yourself, and be just as respected, often even more so, than the sheep. Let your freak flag fly! The people who count are going to see you being you and support that. If you’ve got talent, they’ll see it. If you’re awesome, they’ll like you.

So don’t try to conform to earn respect or friends. No one worth knowing or being respected by likes a conformist who’s not being true to themselves.

Have you had the joy of being respected even though you’re different? Do you respect others for being true to themselves?

Image: Public Domain, Clker


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