Men: Stop Showing Your Abs On Dating Sites

muscle man cartoon pixaSeriously? What in the name of Hades possesses a guy to post a photo of his abs as his profile pic on a dating site? “Look! I have abs of steel! My face is probably beat, but I have killer abs!!!” Yeah, okay dude.

When I see dating profiles like that, I block them. I don’t even want to be bothered giving that guy a chance to talk to me. I want to see your *face*, not some other body part. Your chiseled abs are not going to make me date you if your face looks like a train wreck, and I can’t tell because you didn’t post a photo of it. You backside or… Yes, I have seen a few guys post photos of their… protuberance… Yeah, that’s not what I want to see before I see anything else.

These kind of photos send a really bad message. You know what they say? “I’m shallow and I want someone who’s shallow too. I care more about sex and external appearance than personality or, you know, important stuff like that.” You’re telling the world that you’re shallow, not interested in a real relationship, and of below average intelligence. That’s right, you’re telling people you’re dumb.

Ladies, it’s the same for you too. Photos that focus on your breasts or thong say the same things. And for all that’s holy, knock off the duck face! NO ONE thinks that’s sexy. No one. When you focus on the sexual aspects, you’re sending a very clear message. Then you wonder why no one treats you with respect.

Now, I suppose they may know this, and they’re doing it on purpose. They are the lowest part of society, looking to attract the lowest part. I guess it works if that’s the plan. I think a lot of them just don’t have much in the way of sense.

Now, I’ll admit I’ve got a photo or two on my profile that show off my legs, but they’re not the main photo. And they’re artistic, not skanky. The first impression people will get from my photo is not trashy or shallow.

Anyway, men/women with those kind of profiles are not going to attract quality mates. I hope they know that. People should have some respect for themselves and think about the impression they give on dating sites, or any site for that matter. The admin of a FaceBook group I used to go to had a black-and-white-down-cleavage-I’m-not-really-fat-I’m-stacked photo for her profile. I just could not take the woman seriously.

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


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