Women Need To Lay Off The Plastic Surgery

I really do not understand why women refuse to grow old naturally. Why do they keep getting plastic surgery? And here’s the thing, it’s bad surgery that actually makes them look worse than they did before.

I was watching Once Upon A Time and saw Rose McGowan. I almost didn’t recognize her. Whoever did her surgery should be sued. She was so pretty, now she looks like a tightly stretched clown. It’s horrible. Vivica A Fox’s cheek job makes her look ridiculous. Let’s not even talk about what Melanie Griffith did to her face. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone?

I know, I know, no one hires old people, right? Well, I would think they’d rather have someone old than someone who looks like a melted mannequin. Oh yeah, and all the Botox makes it impossible for them to properly emote, so that ought to be an issue too. But so few celebrities will set the example of growing old gracefully. Another though, lay off the drinking and drugs and you might age better too.

The worst thing about celebrity surgery is that it lures weak-minded women and girls (which is a lot of them) into getting surgery too. Their idols are doing it, so they must have to as well. We must defy nature! We look like hell after the surgery? Who cares?! At least I don’t look like an old fart! Heaven forbid we get women to believe that they’re beautiful just the way they are and to embrace what nature has given them. that just wouldn’t do.

Do you think too many celebrities are getting surgery? (And looking worse after?) Do you know any celebs who are staying natural despite the nip-tuck trend?

Image: Public Domain, SXC


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