Why Do Cats Stare At Nothing?

You’ve seen it before: There’s your cat, sitting on the floor or a piece of furniture, rapt attention on absolutely nothing. Being human and wondering what’s up, you position yourself to try to view the same spot as the cat. Is there a bug? Is there a ghost? Is it dust? Why can’t you see anything? Whatever is there has your cat transfixed, so it must be pretty awesome. but you see nothing.

It creeps me out when cats do that. It’s especially freaky because there was one time that the cat was totally fixed on some spot just behind my head and when I looked there was a bloody wasp right there! It freaked me out! After that I have always tried to figure out what she’s looking at, but more often than not, there’s just nothing there.

Some people claim that cats can see spirits and that’s why they stare. I don’t know about that, but it might explain some of the crazy things that cats do.



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