No Celebrity Deserves That Much Money

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I was just reading some old Bubblews articles and came across one that reminded me of a topic that always enrages me. Celebrity pay.

The article was about Beyonce being offered $100 million to be a judge on American Idol. WTF? Seriously? That is disgusting. She sings, it’s not like she’s curing AIDS or cancer or educating children. She’s not doing anything that really matters, why would she deserve that much in her entire life, much less for a single job?

She’s not the first or the only one though. All “athletes” and performers get paid far more than they deserve. I firmly believe that celebrities should have a pay cap. They should not be allowed to make over a certain amount per year. Entertainment providers should not be paid more than disease researchers, nurses, surgeons, teachers, firefighters, police and other people who actually do important things in the world.

One celebrity can make more in a single year than the combined total of a school’s entire staff. How is that right? How do we allow that? What the hell is wrong with society that we aren’t railing against that? We should all be appalled. We should rally to cut celebrity pay. Even more, we should work to have what would have been needlessly thrown at celebrities and sports players given to people with jobs that actually matter.

$100 million could pay about 1666 people a $60,000 salary for a year, or 833 people $60K for two years. That’s a lot of people and a good income. Why should any one celebrity have that much money? Why do we allow teachers and police and crucial people live hand-to-mouth while entertainers and people who play with balls get to have all the money?


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    1. Actually, it was X-Factor that REPORTEDLY offered Beyonce $100 million. But it actually turned out to be false.

      Then again, that isn’t the point here. Entertainment, and what people are willing to spend on it, has gone completely out of control. The reason entertainers make so much is because the money is there. The entertainers have agents that want their fair share of the revenue, and since there’s so much of it to go around it’s only fair that they get some of it.

      Many years ago, entertainers made peanuts. All it is now is that the entertainers are getting a far greater piece of the revenue pie. It’s not the entertainers themselves that are the problem, it’s how much our society is bent on taking all of our hard-earned money and throwing it at them. If you think celebrities make a lot of money, look at the people who hire them and make billions upon billions off of them. There’s your problem.

      But yeah, the people that really matter in society never get paid what they’re worth. Actually, there have been cases where countries do put heavy taxes on high-income entertainers. That’s why so many of them live in the United States now. They get to keep all the money.


      1. Thank you for the correction.
        You’re right though, that’s not the point here. It is sick how much value we put on celebrities and how little we put on people who really matter. Oh, but if a celebrity decided to get all humanitarian, we’re throwing money at them for it. Still though, we ignore the ones doing good and risking their lives every day.

        I did a little math recently. Madonna made a reported $125,000,000 in 2013. If you spent $20 per person per day, $125 million could feed 10,000 people for 6,250 days or 17.1 years. At the same rate it could feed 100,000 people for almost 2 years. Considering the state of the world, I think a celebrity should be downright ashamed to take and keep that much money.


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