You’re Too Poor To Be Loved

Image: Public Domain, SXC
Image: Public Domain, SXC

I have a membership on a dating site, and I got a message that made me want to slap the living sh!t out of the person who wrote it. I didn’t respond, but what they said just blew my mind.

He flat out told me that “You don’t sound like you’re self-supporting. You work from home. You’ll never find the kind of man you’re looking for because no good man wants a woman without an income and a car.” Seriously?? Are you frecking kidding me? Yup, apparently he thinks I’m too poor to be loved.

It sickens me to think any man thinks like that. What the hell? I’m pretty, talented, funny, caring, and an all-around pretty amazing woman. So, none of that matters because I don’t have a lot of money? Poor women don’t deserve to have good men in their lives? And good men are ones that refuse to date women who don’t have a “real” job and a car? If that’s what constitutes a “good” man these days, I’ll take a not good one, thank you.

How can anyone care about money more than the person? Apparently it goes both ways too, because I see tons of men putting their income and job position as the first thing on their profile, as if that will be more important to a perspective mate than his interests, dreams or personality. It’s sad to say the least. Me, I care more about who you are than how much you make. I’m not going to turn down an awesome guy because he’s poor.

I have been tempted to rewrite my profile and just tell people right off that I don’t have a lot of money and if that’s important to them, they can screw off. I haven’t because it might make me seem like I’m just a b!tch, and I’m really not. I just get ticked at idiots. Truthfully though, if I guy would overlook all my good qualities and refuse me because of my income, it’s his loss, not mine. Anyone who knows me well would tell him so too.


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