There Isn’t Much I Wouldn’t Eat

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

I was just reading some posts here and saw someone talking about how horrified they were at the idea of cat stew. Now, I might not go that far myself, but the truth is, there isn’t much I wouldn’t eat.

I’ve eaten ants, grubs, grasshoppers, deer and other oddities. I’d love to try more. I’ve never had tarantula, squirrel or snake, but I’d try them. I’ve heard guinea pig is good, and I’d try it. Why not? We are omnivores after all, and way back in the day before we got all “civilized” we pretty much ate whatever we could get our hands on, and no one cared about being PC or vegan or any of that nonsense. If it could be caught and wasn’t poison, we ate it.

If I had more money I would go out of my way to try “exotic” foods. I do what I can even now. I’ve managed to get my hands on things like baba ganoush and quinoa, and I liked them. I’m all about trying new things. My rule is: If I can get it past my nose, I’ll put it in my mouth. (And get your dirty minds out of the gutter, okay?) That rule is why I’ve never tasted sauerkraut; I can’t stand the smell. If I could, I would have tried it by now.

I don’t know why people get all goofy over eating some things. It’s all food. It really is. I see nothing wrong with eating anything. Except maybe when that one guy tried to make food from “recycled, sterilized feces”. That was never meant to be food. Anything else is fair game to me. Even cute little cats. What’s “wrong” to us is perfectly natural in other places. Some places think a lot of the stuff we eat is “wrong”, but that doesn’t stop us from doing it and thinking it’s normal.

Eating cat makes me think of my high school history teacher. He went to some tribe somewhere and was fed a meal. It was the chief’s daughter’s pet monkey. It was considered an honor to be fed a cherished family pet. He ate it. He said it taught him a lot about the way people view food and the traditions that surround it. It also woke him up to a whole new world of edibles.

What’s the most “exotic” think you’ve ever eaten? Are you willing to try new foods, even when they seem strange?


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