Quit Acting So White

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

I’m amazed that this mentality is still around, but it is. There are still black people who will give another of their race a hard time for “acting white”.

What do they mean by that? In every case I’ve seen, it’s because the person is getting an education and speaking properly as opposed to embracing “Ebonics” and “black culture”. (Read that last part as “street attitude”.)

So… Wait… Excuse me? It’s “white” to be an intelligent human being? Does that mean that people from China and India are being “uber white”? A lot of them are more education oriented than Americans. I guess it must. How the hell did this even get to be a thing? When did being intelligent become a racial thing, and why would anyone give another person sh!t for wanting to be smart and do something better with their lives?

I’ve known a few black people who caught hell from their race group for being smart. It’s like their people want to hold them down and keep them in the ghettos committing crimes, while simultaneously complaining that the white man is keeping them down. You’d think that they would applaud someone with the courage to break the mold and make something out of themselves.

And before anyone goes off on me, I’m not a racist. I point out stupidity from across the globe. I personally don’t see why color has to ever get involved in things. We’re all red on the inside. I just wonder why any ethnicity would want to keep their people down instead of lifting them up. I also wonder why a positive thing like intelligence would be tied to a race and used as an insult.

What do you think about all this?


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