Sexy Doesn’t Mean Nearly Naked

Why does it seem that women have lost their grip on this concept? I guess the media and the anti-woman culture have skewed people’s brains. Women need to wake up and realize that sexy doesn’t mean being nearly naked.

Sexy and half-naked have become nearly synonymous, and that’s not a good thing. The media has taught women that in order to be appealing they have to look like prostitutes. And honestly, I’ve seen some prostitutes wearing more than some young women these days. Sexy is not about walking around with hardly anything on, doing everything but wearing a sign that says “I’ll f*ck you, no questions asked”.

Sexy is making them wonder, giving them something to hope for. I’ve even personally tested this theory. I wore a short skirt and revealing top and only attracted a few bottom-feeders. When I had a top with just a little plunge and a skirt with a slit just high enough to show a tease of thigh, it garnered more interest, and from a higher caliber of men.

Being sexy means to be alluring, to have mystery. There’s no mystery in going out with no bra and no underwear in a skirt that’s little more than a belt. You want them to wonder what else there is to see and to touch, not throw it in their face. That’s trashy, not sexy.

And think about this: While I believe that a woman is rarely “asking for it”, as in being raped, when you walk around looking like a fille de joie, can you really blame them for getting the wrong idea? It is our responsibility to put forth the right impression as much as it is theirs to keep their hands off. We need to change the trend of blatant sexuality and remember what being sexy really is. We need to keep some things hidden and have a little mystery.

Do you understand the difference between being sexy and being overtly sexual? Do you think the trend of nearly-nothing outfits has gone too far? Are women giving men the wrong idea?


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  1. I totally agree with you on how “sexy” and “half-naked” have become so synonymous – and I agree, it’s pretty disgusting. It’s a trend is what it is, and it’s a disgusting one. Yes, being sexy should be alluring and providing mystery, as you said. That’s why many years ago women wore a LOT which made men even more curious. I like the results of your personal little experiment, because it says exactly what the problem is. This trend only appeals to the bottom-feeders. The higher class of men will think to themselves – well, look at that, no mystery there. I’d chuckle here, but actually it’s sad…


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