Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

I bet a lot of people went nuts just reading that title, but I’m actually a supporter of legalized, regulated prostitution.

First off, prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions. People, both men and women, have been selling pleasure for ages. It’s nothing new. Not only is it not new, at various points in history and in various cultures, it was accepted and even held in high esteem. It’s a very puritanical belief to see sex and the sex trade as “wrong” and “immoral”.

Sex is great. It feels good and it has a lot of health benefits when enjoyed safely. Sex can relieve stress, promote physical fitness, and many other positive things. Most of us agree that sex is best shared with someone you love, but that doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s not really wrong.

I’ve read numerous studies that show there are societal benefits to legalized prostitution. In areas where prostitution is both legal and regulated several things happen: Sexually oriented violent crimes go down. People are able to entertain their sexual needs with paid workers, so rape rates go down. Other crimes associated with prostitution reduce. Pimps and angry Johns are a big problem in illegal sex work, but pimps are removed from the equation and customers are held to a certain standard that reduces crime and protects the workers.

Drug-related issues also diminish. Regulated sex workers are not allowed to engage in illegal drug use, nor are customers when engaging their services. Disease rates also decrease because workers are tested regularly and customers are required to engage in safe sex practices. In general, all the reasons we despise prostitution here in the US are eliminated or greatly reduced when the profession is legal and regulated. Not to mention, the city or state can now make money off the trade, which benefits the citizens.

I really do believe that prostitution should be made legal and be regulated. We need to get over the BS idea that sex is bad and only for procreation. I mean, come on, isn’t one of our American mottoes “Sex sells and everyone’s buying”? We flash sex in every magazine and on every television channel, why not just make it legal and reap the benefits?


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