Low Carb, Low Fat, High Nonsense

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

The media has been telling us for ages not to be happy with our bodies. The fast food chains and supermarkets are making it easier to eat bad food and become obese. People are in a constant state of misery and often finding solace in food. Together, these factors lead many people to diets.

There are a million diets out there, and most of them are not healthy. Many of them insist that the path to a slimmer you is through eliminating foods or other parts of your diet. No carbs! No fat! No sugar! No taste! Is it really any wonder that people fail in their diets and often gain the weight back plus more? It’s like the diet industry and the food industry are working together to ensure your failure and make maximum profits.

I don’t believe in diets that require you to stop eating anything. We are omnivores. We need a variety of foods to be healthy. Eliminating certain kinds of food leads to cravings and can lead to diet failure. Moderation and balance are the keys to health, but no one’s trying to teach people that. They should be, but making people smart doesn’t make money.

I’ve lost 20+ pounds and I didn’t cut out anything. I paid attention to the way my body reacted to foods, and I learned to eat responsibly. I have reasonable portions. Not tiny ones that leave me wanting, reasonable ones. I stop when I’m full, even if there is food on my plate. I learned that if I want cake for dessert, salad is best for lunch. If I want burgers at lunch, fish and veggies is a good dinner.

I still eat everything I want to eat. I have moved away from frozen meals and started cooking more, but I still buy a few freezer meals. I still eat cake, lasagna, burgers, bacon, bread and everything else. I just do it all in moderation. I also move more. I take breaks from my desk to get up and go outside. I got an elliptical and some weights. I’ve even gotten more active in the shower to burn a few extra calories, and I wash dishes by hand now.

Being smart and getting healthier isn’t that hard. The thing is, it doesn’t make money, that’s why no one’s teaching you. They’re going to give you harmful diets that cut out foods so eventually you fall off the wagon or get sick. They either make money off you eating, or buying into another diet trend.

Seriously people, just learn to move more, eat responsible portions and maintain balance. You don’t need a diet or plan or gimmick. Or, if you’re not actually unhealthy, you could learn to love your body as it is. Not everyone is supposed to be shaped like a popsicle stick or body builder.

Have you quit buying into the diet hype? Do you know how to have a balanced diet and stay healthy?


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