The Outsourcing Needs to Stop

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I have always been a big supporter of a country keeping its jobs within that country. After hearing of the fires that burned Bangladeshi Wal-Mart workers, It just strengthens that view.

Outsourcing ought to be considered a crime. Really, it’s just wrong to take jobs away from your own people and give them to others. What’s worse, those jobs are usually given to people who work for a few dollars a day in unsafe conditions with no benefits. Even the ones that have it better usually do very poorly in comparison to native workers. As an American, I know I’m usually greatly displeased with foreign tech support and foreign-made products.

Now, many people support buying American and hand-made, but that’s not going to fix the issue altogether. We need to do something to let these companies know that they need to bring jobs back here. We can’t boycott every product out there, so we need to find some other way. They’re making money off those nearly slave workers, we need to find a way to make them know that it’s not acceptable.

You know, a funny thought just crossed my mind… Does anyone outsource to America? I mean, is anyone hiring our citizens to do jobs for less pay and benefits than people in their own country? I doubt it. We wouldn’t do it. But other countries are desperate, and they have no qualms about taking our jobs and letting us starve. They don’t want to starve. It’s a lousy situation, but the American public isn’t doing much about it.

What can we do to get companies to bring jobs back home? We know it’s cheaper to get foreign labor, so how do we make it cost more or make it not worth the publicity?


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