Frell and Dren – A Little Explanation

You may have seen me use words like “frell” and “dren” in my posts. Some of you get it, and others are probably scratching your heads wondering what foreign language I’m inserting randomly in my posts. I figured I’d explain it so you’ll all understand.

I’m trying to cut back on my swearing. However, there are times when it just feels like the thing that needs to be done. The thing is, I don’t want to drive people off by being too foul-mouthed. Sometimes I just edit the word with symbols or something, and sometimes I use these other words that you’ve seen.

They’re curse words from the TV series Farscape. The aliens on the show have their own languages, but they have translator microbes. The writers wanted to let them swear without being censored, so they invented common curse words that the characters understand. Even the viewers pick up on it pretty quickly due to context. I’m using those words because they’re not outright obscenity, but they allow me to express myself. The following is a list of the words I may use, and as clean of a meaning as I can give for each.

Frell, Frelling: The F word
Dren: The S word for dung
Boll yotz: Bull dung
Eema: Derriere
Fekkik: dumb-dung, moron
Hazmot: The B word for a female dog
Hezmana: Hell
Mivonks: Male; what base, basket, golf and tennis have in common
Tralk: Prostitute, offensively
Yotz: general word for Hell, d@mn or dung

There are more, but I’ve never used them. You can see a longer list here: Glossary of Farscape Terms

Anyway, now you’ll know what those words mean and why I use them. If you ever need an alternative to traditional swearing, you could use them too.



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