Pets are Not Decoration, They’re Living Things

It annoys me greatly when I see or hear about people who treat pets like decoration or accessories. They’re not. they’re living things, and they should be treated with love and respect, not like a purse or statue.

I’ve seen a lot of people treat birds this way. They think that all you need to do is buy a bird, a cage, and some seeds and then that’s all there is to it. People think birds are just pretty and don’t really need care. How wrong they are! To be healthy and happy they need to be let out, played with, talked to, and fed properly. They are little companions, not home decor.

People treat other animals this way too. Like fish. People don’t care for them properly and think nothing of having to throw them away because they died in a week. If they’d cared for them properly, they might have lived for years. But they’re just dumb animals, so who cares, right? I care, and responsible pet owners care.

What’s as bad or worse is seeing celebrities carrying dogs and even rare animals around as they would a purse. It’s made pretty and treated like a showpiece, but not like a living thing. They don’t care about its happiness or well-being, so long as it helped them look cool for a while.

Animals are living beings, They have feelings. They can experience hunger, loneliness and pain. It should hurt your heart when they become ill or die. You should love them as you would your children.

I know some people think that we shouldn’t own pets at all, but I have no issue with it, so long as the pets are treated well. People have had domesticated animals for eons, it’s how they’re treated that can become a problem. I think everyone should look at their pet and imagine themselves being treated the way they treat that animal. If you wouldn’t like it, you’re doing it wrong.

Do you love your animals? Have you given people hell for mistreating their animals? Do you think people should treat animals like fashion accessories?



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