Adam Lambert’s Eyebrows

Oh my heavenly goodness! Have you seen Adam Lambert’s eyebrows? They’re almost unnatural.

I swear those things are entities unto themselves, just sitting on his face doing all sorts of perfectly choreographed wonder. I have *never* seen anyone else who can make their eyebrows dance like that!

I’ve got to say, I have a weakness for a guy who has even half that control. It’s SO sexy! His eyes are fabulous too. That color, and he can so rock the guyliner. He’s got moves too. Damn! I mean really, Damn!! It’s really too bad he’s gay.

It’s actually funny, I introduced mom to his music and she saw a video and was drooling just as much as me. She was likewise displeased to learn he was batting for the other team. He’s way too young and famous for either of us, but you know, girls can dream, right? I’m still gonna dream. He’s still a tasty little stud muffin.



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