Celebrities are Ugly Without Makeup

People, especially women, are often trying to hold themselves up to the insane standards of celebrities. Unfortunately, they’re not thinking about the truth beneath the surface.

What’s that truth? A lot of celebrities are ugly without makeup. Some of them are just average. The point is, they’re nothing special without the makeup. Do a Google search for “celebrities without makeup” and see for yourself. Some of those drop-dead hot women you’re trying to be like are plain as anything without cosmetics. Some of them are downright scary.

Without the stupidly expensive cosmetics and the crew of makeup artists most of these women could walk down the street and you’d never look twice. They’re nothing special without their painted faces. Guys would not go so gaga for them in their natural state. So why are you trying to live up to a standard that they’re not even living up to?

If you really want to feel better about how you look, do that search. Take some time and look at how homely or plain a lot of these bombshells are in their off-time. You’ll feel downright hot. I tell ya, it makes me feel better to know that I look better right now than some actresses do. And when I put on just a little makeup I look pretty damn nice. Some of these women need three hours in the makeup chair to look good. I can do it in 15 minutes or less.

So stop feeling bad because of what you see on TV and in the magazines. You’re not ugly. You don’t need surgery or a ton of makeup to look good. You may already be way better looking than that celebrity you’re trying to emulate.


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