Why Do People Prefer Images of Words Over Real Words?

Image: © Briana Blair 2012
Image: © Briana Blair 2012

I made that image some time back because I was just getting annoyed with all the nonsense on FaceBook. Rather than typing real words and actually communicating, people would rather share images of words. How stupid is that?

Why do people want pictures of words instead of actual words? They’re still words! You still have to read them. It makes no sense. I mean, okay, sometimes a quote on a pretty background is nice, but for the most part it just seems like a waste of time to me.

What gets me more is the fact that social networks like FaceBook are trying to make this more prevalent. The new layout that’s coming soon is going to be mostly about images and video, and text statuses will be given less attention. Less emphasis on actual typing, reading and communicating, and more on pretty pictures. Yeah, sounds great. Not.

I want to see actual statuses. Real words and communicating instead of words on a .JPG. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I’m spending more time on Bubblews than on FaceBook these days. It’s more interesting here, and the images are just a way of highlighting actual content.

How do you feel about all the images of sayings being shared online?


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