You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup

That last post I wrote about celebrities looking lousy without makeup got me to thinking about women and makeup in general.

I think that most women wear too much makeup. It should not take you an hour or more to “get made up” in the morning. For me, if my hair and makeup aren’t done in 20 minutes or less I’m doing it wrong. Super special occasions are the only time I take longer, and that’s because of my hair, not my makeup.

I’ve never been into the 7 layers of product thing. I keep it simple. A few years ago I switched to mineral makeup, and I love it. I use an off-brand (IQ Natural) but I’m happy with it. I dust on a little of the concealer under my eyes, give a light once-over of my face with the regular powder, use the eyeshadow like liner and slip on some lipstick. Sometimes I use mascara. That’s it. Simple, and I look really pretty.

Many women put on so much though. I knew this one woman who put on moisturizer, then foundation, then concealer, then blush and eyeliner and shadow and bronzer, then setting powder and lipstick. Her face was covered from chin to hairline. A lot of women do that. What they fail to realize is that you can totally see all that makeup and it doesn’t look good. It looks like your face is painted on. It’s also bad for your skin.

Women should take it easy on the cosmetics. Enhance a little, sure, but don’t cover your whole face unless you need to because of scars or something. Your eyeshadow and lipstick don’t need to look like they were applied with a trowel. The point of makeup is to enhance what you have, not cover it to the point that you look like a totally different person.

Oh, and on that note, try to remember that eventually you’re going to be in a relationship and that person is going to see you without that fake face. If you look like a totally different person underneath, they might not be very happy with that. It’s like false advertising. You know, like those celebrities I was talking about in the last article.

Ladies: How much makeup do you wear? Guys: Do you prefer your women with a lot of makeup, a little, or none at all?


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