Toys Don’t Get Kids Pregnant or Killed

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

I saw someone share an image of an old doll yesterday. It was a pregnant Barbie with a baby in her removable belly. The comments on that image reminded me of something that people need to get through their skulls. Toys don’t lead kids into bad behavior.

There have been plenty of toys and video games that have either been pulled from the market or been blamed for bad behavior in kids. What people need to realize is that a toy is not going to make your child do something bad. It’s peer pressure, the media and bad parenting that leads to kids with bad decision making skills who do stupid or horrible things.

A pregnant Barbie doll isn’t going to make your little girl grow up to be a tramp who gets pregnant before she graduates high school. If the sight of pregnancy did that, then every pregnant woman she sees would be leading her down the path to teen pregnancy. A violent video game isn’t going to make a child go out and kill people. It’s the media desensitizing them to the consequences of violence and parents not taking proper care of them that leads them into acts of violence.

Think about it. Really, just think. If your theory were true, then you’d have to keep your kid out of biology class because dissecting animals would teach them to become serial killers. You could never let your boys play cops and robbers because it would teach them to kill with guns. No Nerf guns or paintball either. No pretty princess sets for your girls because that would teach them to be conceited and materialistic. I could go on, but the fact is that pretty much any activity, toy or game, and even music could be blamed for bad behavior in a child. It’s all BS.

The problem is parents. Parents use the TV as a babysitter. They don’t pay attention to their kids. They don’t talk to them or listen to them when they have problems. They don’t teach their kids the things they need to know in order to become responsible, intelligent people. But no parent wants to admit the harsh truth that it’s *their* fault when their girl gets pregnant or their boy shoots up a school. “No! It can’t be my fault! I’ll blame something else so I don’t have to accept that I frelled my kid up so bad that they ended up this way.” Yeah, sure, keep telling yourself that.

Parents need to learn to take care of their kids. Talk to them. Listen to them. Teach them. Explain things to them. Keep track of not just their grades, but how they’re being treated in school and how they feel about their teachers. Know what they’re watching on TV and what they’re doing with their computers. Be a real parent. If you can’t do that, give your kid(s) to someone who can. Better yet, don’t have kids in the first place. But if you have kids, and they turn bad, look in the mirror and know that you are where the problem started.


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