Do Your Best, Not Better Than Another

We have become a very competitive society. That’s a serious problem. All most people think about is doing better than someone else, and they don’t really focus on themselves or things that truly matter.

Life is not about being better than someone else. You should focus simply on being the best that you can be. When you compete against others, you stop loving what you do. Your mind is only focused on outdoing someone else. There will always be someone doing better, someone for you to compete with. That life will only lead you to hating everything and having no love for others.

Don’t live your life looking at other people as something to outdo. Be happy that they have what they have and did what they did. Concern yourself only with being the best you can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re as good as or better than someone else. Like I said, there’s always going to be someone better. Even if you get to be the best, there is some other competitive monster nipping at your heels ready to knock you off your pedestal and take it for themselves.

When you do your personal best you can feel proud of your work. You can be motivated and happy about what you’re doing. You know that you’re improving in your own right. You don’t need to use anyone else as a ruler to measure your success.

I found that when I stopped trying to be as good as or better than others, I saw more improvement. When I worked from the heart and with an intention to just be my personal best, I got more done, enjoyed it more, and I’m making more money. Now that I’m not competing, more people help me and more people like me. It’s been a positive change in so many ways.


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