You’re Not Alone: The Friday the 13th Incident

Fair warning: Expressing this single day may take multiple posts to keep it from being too long to read. Just so you know.

So, it was Friday the 13th. I don’t remember the month or the year anymore, but I was in 11th grade. It was a very bad day for me. To start off, a black cat crossed our path that morning. I was never superstitious, but in retrospect I have to wonder. There were a few of us skipping school. My friend AB, B?, my boyfriend LLY and some others. We were headed to the home of some 20-something friends to drink and get high.

Yes, I realize that right there was stupid, but we were teenagers in the sticks, that’s what we did for fun. I was in the car with AB, B? and someone else. LLY and N? were in another car. After we got to the older friends’ house, LLY left with N? to score some shrooms. I never did anything more than weed, but the others did. So I was there with everyone else and we got to drinking.

There were video games and a lot of booze. I don’t remember a lot of it. I know that at one point I laid down on the bed because I felt sick. The bedroom and living were the same room, which was open to the kitchen/living room. There was another room at the back that was usually closed.

I was mostly out of it on the bed. At some point B? got on there with me. He kept trying to grope me and I did my best to shove him away. I was in and out of consciousness. There came a point when he said something about LLY, and we went into the back room to talk. I barely remember him holding me up as I stumbled along. I totally passed out after entering the room.

I came to when the door opened with AB standing there. She looked in and quickly closed the door. I realized that my pants and undies were off and B? was on top of me. He was… well, I think the picture is pretty clear. I freaked out. He got pissed at me, put his pants on and left the room. I tried to compose myself and got dressed. AB was already laughing at how I was “doing it” with B?. She was too drunk or too stupid to realize what had really happened.

The people whose house we were in were pissed. They were yelling some obscenities. It’s all a blur. I felt so violated and confused. My heart was racing and my head was spinning. I looked to AB for help, my best friend, but she was too busy drinking and playing Nintendo. I went outside and slumped against the side of the house. I was shaking, crying so hard it hurt.

But there was more to come…



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