Nice Guys Finish Last – Not Really

We’ve all heard that horrible saying that “nice guys finish last”. The truth is that nice guys don’t have to finish last, and really, it’s just a cruel thing said by competitive people to make other people act badly.

In the dating world, nice guys actually have a serious advantage. The nice guy usually gets the girl. Don’t believe me? Take a look around and think about it.

Let me start off by saying that I am fully aware of how insane most women are. Try not to be angry with them though, society and jerk guys have made them that way. They just haven’t chosen to tell the bad influences to bugger off so they can be awesome yet.

So, many guys get upset because women seem to want the hot guy, the bad boy. They look on as that guy treats her like garbage. They wonder why she takes it. Eventually, she gets tired of it all and wants a guy who actually treats her with love and respect. There’s where the nice guy comes in. Too bad he has to get the girl *after* she’s been with a string of losers.

The media teaches females that they need to be sexy (skanky), drink, party and have “fun”. They need a guy who’s got looks, a car, and a bad-boy attitude. If he’s a jerk that means he’s a “real man”. Women get messed up messages. They go through jerk after jerk and end up hating men. It’s a sad circle that we all need to work on changing.

Nice guys can try to gain the upper hand and get the girl sooner by just showing women how good it is to be treated well. Be respectful and kind and wonderful to every women you encounter. Don’t worry if she’s a potential girlfriend or just some old lady. You’ll get noticed. And if there’s a girl/woman you’re interested in, just have a little confidence and show her how a real man actually treats women. You may steer her away from the jerks before she gets hurt and jaded.

And have some hope, some women have already shaken off the media’s bad messages and we’re actively looking for the nice guys. We want a real man, a gentleman, someone with heart. You’re actually at the top of our list. [smiles]


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