Working Moms are Ruining America?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

According to UltraViolet: “On Wednesday, an all-male panel on Dobbs’ Fox Business show were in hysterics that a record number of women are the primary breadwinners in their home. They cried that having women as primary breadwinners is “bad for kids, bad for marriage”, “catastrophic”, and will “undermine our social order.”.”

Really? Once again I’m baffled by the things that people think. How on Earth can they think that working women are going to be the downfall of society? There are so many other things going on, and they’re far worse than women with jobs.

Alright, let me share a few thoughts. I know these idea may put me in less favor with some of my readers, but I am who I am. Despite all my forward thinking, I do have some traditional values. I do believe in the man being the primary earner for a family. A husband should take care of his spouse and any children. I know that may seem backward to a lot of people, but it’s what I feel.

Now, I do think that a woman should have the right to work any job she wants, if she wants. Women should be able to work if they choose to. It’s even good if a woman helps to support the family if it won’t take time away from any children they may have. Unfortunately, many women don’t get to choose, and that’s part of the real problem.

Society looks down on women who don’t have jobs, but then calls them bad people if they work when they have children. Many women are forced to work because their husband’s can’t get work. Sometimes the men choose to not work, but often they are unemployed by no desire of their own. There’s just no work. Either the woman gets a job, or they go on welfare or starve.

The real problem in society is that there aren’t enough jobs. Also, Eric and I found that no one will hire you if you’ve been out of work. His disability and trying to go to school kept him out of work, and no one would hire him afterward. I spent most of my life working from home, being a housewife, and no one would hire me for lack of work history. You need to already have a job to get a job. There’s your societal downfall.

I’m the primary earner here, and while I don’t love it, I don’t think it’s “catastrophic”. People have to do what they have to do. And what about couples with a working mom and stay-at-home dad? I’ve seen those too, and there’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what they want.

I think society needs to get its head on straight and stop attacking women for everything. We need more jobs and jobs need to hire the people who really need to work, not just college grads and people who already have jobs. If you want traditional families to exist, the pieces need to be in place for men to work and make enough money to support a whole family so the women can stay at home. And if they don’t want to stay home, as long as the children are loved and well cared for, that should be her choice to do what she feels is right for her family.


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