The Feathered Alarm Clock

I’ve written about Stoli before but he keeps doing things cute enough to write about.

I can’t remember when he started it, but at some point he decided that he needed to be our alarm clock. His cage is in our bedroom so he’s safe from the cat. He gets put inside and covered in a black piece of fabric for the night. Apparently he can still tell when it’s time to get up though.

Many mornings he feels the need to sing us awake. “Pretty birdy! Pretty birdy bird! Hey Buddy! Hey buddy birdy baby doo-dee-doo-dee-do-do-do-do! Yeah you’re a pretty birdy!” And that’s interspersed with kissy noises, cooing, clicking and other sounds. Luckily, he doesn’t scream. It’s hard not to laugh at the uber-goofy cuteness coming from under the blanket.

Sometimes he gets his timing off and starts in early. It’s still cute, even though it’s a little annoying. He also has no snooze and no concept of sleeping late on the weekends. But we still love him.



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