Glorifying Celebrity Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Drugs are illegal and excessive alcohol consumption is bad for you, so why does the media glorify drugs and drinking?

The people in alcohol commercials either look all smooth and sophisticated or like they’re having a great time. Apparently drinking the right booze also helps you get the hot guy/girl. Every time a celebrity is caught drunk or doped up, it’s all over the TV and magazines. Sometimes they make it look bad, but sometimes they often blow it off as just celebs having a good time. Rehab is basically portrayed as where all the cool kids end up, as if it’s a joke.

I don’t have a problem with responsible drinking or light pot smoking, but hard drugs and heavy drinking are a serious issue. How many people die each year from alcohol and drug related reasons? It’s horrible. The media should take some responsibility for what they depict to the public, and celebrities should take personal responsibility for their own lives and for what they portray to others.

Sadly, our society worships celebrities. Kids aren’t taught to be themselves and live good lives, they’re allowed to latch on to celebrities and use them as guides for how to live. If So-and-so is rich and famous and doing drugs and driving drunk, it must be okay. If they can get pregnant and be on tour a week after birth it must be no big deal.

This sort of thing is why I put out the idea of writing a different kind of celebrity articles. There should be something out there with a positive message. Maybe if enough people did it, young people would stop wanting to be like the drunks and addicts and bad influences and more like the good ones. It’s up to us as consumers, parents and responsible people to get the media to change what it shows our young people.


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