Lost Love Isn’t The End

Image: Public Domain, Clker
Image: Public Domain, Clker

I see this more in teenagers than adults, but also in a too many adult women. Some people seem to feel like a breakup is the end of the world. They were (or thought they were) deeply in love with someone, and when that relationship ends they become depressed and think they will never find love again. Some even consider suicide as the only cure to a broken heart.

I’ve been through some rough breakups so I understand how heart-wrenching it can be to lose someone you care about, especially as a teen when our hormones and undeveloped minds make every molehill into a mountain. I can look back though and see that no pain lasts forever unless we allow it to. There is nothing that we can’t move beyond if we truly want to.

No matter how much you loved someone, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. It’s not the end of the world. You can love and be loved again, but you have to allow it to happen. You need to let go of the person who’s gone, build yourself up, and look to the future. Staying mired in the past will not help you. Trying to get the person back won’t help. You have to move on.

I understand how hard that can be, especially for a teen girl, but you have to do it. That guy is not the only guy in the world. If he dumped you, what makes you think he was ever right for you anyway? Look inside yourself and see all the things that make you amazing and worthy of someone even better. Love yourself and learn to be happy with yourself until someone great comes along. You don’t need someone else to make you complete.

I especially worry about people who consider suicide to deal with a broken heart. There is nothing that’s worth killing yourself over! Even if a breakup was partly your fault, ending your life solves nothing. There’s always another person out there who will love you. Live for that, and live for yourself. We all have so much that we can give to the world, you’re doing a disservice to the world and yourself by ending your life before you get the chance to give it all you’ve got.

Even if you feel like your heart is broken and there’s nothing left, try to remember that love is never a one time thing. You can always find someone new, and someone better. Heal your heart and keep your eyes ever open for that next amazing person to come into your life.


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