Let’s Talk About Health: The Cure is Worse Than the Problem

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Why is it that we as a nation are so obsessed with health, and yet we seem to know so little about it? Every week we see a new fad diet come out, only to find out later that’s it really bad for us. Don’t consume carbs, but then you find out you need carbohydrates for healthy brain function. Don’t eat fat, but your body needs a certain level of fat to be healthy. And on and on it goes. If we weren’t so obsessed with this ridiculous idea of beauty, we wouldn’t have all these diets in the first place. If you think you weigh too much, just eat more responsibly, get more activity, and you’ll probably be fine.

Then there’s all the plastic surgery, which is unnecessary stress and damage to the body. And Botox?! Give me a break! For temporary “beauty” you’re going to get yourself injected with a chicken disease that causes you to lose sensation and the ability to form facial expressions. Brilliant!

Then there are all the myriad of pills there are to “treat” our problems. Like the pill that the doctors put me on for my GERD, that I found out impedes my ability to digest food, and can cause esophageal cancer. I’ll keep the reflux, thank you. Fact is, the side effects of most of these medications are worse than the original problem. And what will the doctor do if you tell them about the side effects? They’ll give you more pills with more side effects. Again, brilliant.

Now, following up on that, we move to the super-sharpness of the FDA. The FDA will approve these insane synthetic drugs that they end up needing to pull off the market later because they have horrid side-effects, because of lawsuits, and because they don’t work, but they won’t approve the use of herbal remedies, which people have been using with great success for thousands of years. This baffles me. People have been using herbs since long before the medical profession ever existed. In many places around the world, they are still used. So why does this pompous nation refuse to accept the validity and use of herbal remedies? I know they say that it’s difficult to get level amounts of the useful components out of herbs, but with all our technology, I know that’s untrue. And let’s not forget that herbs are a renewable resource, and would be much cheaper to produce than all the synthetics.

Then we go on to the fact that a fair portion of the medical profession doesn’t actually give a flying flip about the patients. They will give you a pill to “treat” your symptoms without any real diagnosis. Getting a doctor to find out what’s actually wrong with you and not just give you pills is like getting a penguin to fly south for winter. Then they wonder why we keep needing to come back.

Also, no one takes into account the effect of the mind on the body. The more we worry about being sick, the more we think about sickness and disease, the more likely we are to become ill. We weaken our immune systems with stress and paranoia, and then we get sick. Add to that the pills, which rather than treating the problem, turn off our natural body functions so we don’t experience the problem. That messes us up too. Doctors should think about the body and the mind. The human body is a miraculous thing; it can actually repair itself in many cases if given the chance.

I think everyone out there needs to think about these things. If you get your mind right, if you take care of the stressors, if you make yourself happy, if you stop thinking about being sick and being in pain, your health will improve. And try to look at natural alternatives for treating your health. Find a certified, reputable Homeopath, Naturopath or Herbalist. Stay away from all that synthetic garbage. Eat right. Don’t worry about your weight, worry about eating good food that makes you happy. ‘Cause let’s face it, if you’re eating rabbit food and hating it, that diet is going to fail. And who wants to be a sick, mindless, walking coat-hanger anyway?

In the end, what you really need to do to be healthy is to first take care of your emotional and mental health. Then eat right for YOU. There is no one diet or food plan that works for everyone. Eat responsible portions, moderate your intake of “junk food”, and eat things you enjoy. Stay active. Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym, it can be anything from playing in the yard with your kids, to having sex. (Which is a fun way to burn calories by the way.) Then use natural remedies first before going to synthetics or more drastic techniques. You’ll be much better off in the end. But that’s just my humble opinion.


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