There Ought to Be a Law: Vanity Sizing Clothes

There ought to be a law that all clothes will be sized in inches. I saw this weight loss commercial on TV, and the woman says she’s a size 2. Yeah right. I remember being a size 2, and I was a heck of a lot smaller than that woman. Now, of course, it could be a lie (in the commercial), but the fact is, there’s still “vanity sizing” and I hate it.

Think about it… You’re a woman, and you want to buy some jeans. You have a pair at home that says size 6, so you grab a size 6 off the rack and try them on. They feel 2 sizes too small. Confused, you grab a 6 in a different brand. These ones are too big. After a while, you leave the store with a size 4, a size 7 and a size 10, all of which fit.

Now imagine you’re a man… You’re a size 32/32. You go in, grab 3 pairs of 32/32 jeans and leave; because you know they’re all going to fit.

Shopping would be so much easier if all clothes were sized in inches. Are women so insecure that companies need to mark a size 10 as a size 4 so they don’t feel fat? (Not that I think a size 10 is fat.) Or do the companies just want to keep marketing the “thin is in” mentality? It’s ridiculous. And the US needs to standardize what Small, Medium and Large mean while they’re at it. It’s ridiculous when a Small in one brand will fit me fine, but I’ve got to buy a Large in another brand to get the same fit.

Oh, and let’s not forget “One size fits most”. (They have changed from saying “One size fits all”) I once bought a pair of pantyhose that said “one size fits most”… They came up to my armpits, and I’m not exaggerating. I had to wonder if this “most” they’re catering to is a clan of wealthy Amazon Women that we’re not aware of.

Companies: Get a clue. Make it simple. Size all the clothes in inches so we know what we’re getting. I shouldn’t have to play a guessing game every time I go shopping. When someone asks me what size I am, I shouldn’t have to ask “In what brand?” or say “4-12 depending on where I shop.” I should be able to say “medium” or “28/28″. Understand? And honestly, using inches would be the best way, because a woman can be short and wide, tall and thin, tall and curvy, short and skinny… the list goes on. Sizes in inches would help us all ensure a proper fit.

Maybe as women, we should start petitions, to be sent to major clothing manufacturers, stating that we want nation-wide standardized sizing. Vanity sizing may make some people feel better about themselves, but I’m sure we’d all be happier if we could go shopping and not need to try on every garment in the store to find out what size in which brand will fit.



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