How to Save Money on Moving Expenses

Moving can be expensive, so use the tips in this article for ways to save money and make the change less stressful.

If you’re able to plan your move ahead of time, do so. Last minute moves can be the most stressful, and also expensive.

As soon as you know you’re going to be moving, start saving newspaper, toilet tissue rolls, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, grocery bags and any other items that you may be able to reuse during packing. Don’t buy what you can recycle for free.

Instead of buying boxes, go to your local grocery or department store and ask if they have boxes out back. Usually they’ve been cut flat, but you can tape them up and have lots of free boxes for packing.

Use toilet tissue rolls to hold small fragile items. Pack the empty space with newspaper or bubble wrap. The rolls will stack neatly in boxes and keep small breakables safe. Use newspaper and grocery bags to protect larger fragile items, or items that might scratch one another. Use leftover packing peanuts or newspaper to fill gaps in boxes.

Instead of buying protective wrappers for televisions and furniture, use sheets, curtains and comforters. You can always wash them after you get settled in the new home. You can also wrap framed pictures and wall décor in sheets for transporting.

Don’t leave boxes with empty space. Get creative and nestle as much into each box as you can without making it too heavy. Fewer boxes means less to move in the end. You can also lay bookcases flat on their back, and fill the spaces with non-breakable items instead of standing them up and leaving the space wasted. Don’t unpack drawers either, just secure the contents with some newspaper and a paper bag taped over the open side.

If you can, move using your car, truck, or get friends to help. If you must get a moving company, pack wisely, and rent the smallest truck or tow-along you can. Packing smart will save you money, because you can rent a smaller vehicle to transport it in.

Plan your route ahead of time. Rentals often charge by the mile, so you want to make sure you take the most direct route, and won’t get lost on the way.


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