Outrageous Pay Rates for Actors and Athletes

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I’ve always been bothered by the pay that celebrities receive. People should be paid based on the service they provide to the world, and some of these overpaid celebrities aren’t providing much of a service.

When watching television or browsing the internet I’m often reminded of the exorbitant amount of pay that celebrities receive. They never seem satisfied with what they’re getting, they always want more, and they’re somehow able to blow through the money like water on a hot day. I think it’s insane and disgusting, especially at a time when so many people are poor and in need.

A perfect example of the excess that celebrities demand centers around a football player I saw on TV. I don’t remember his name or the team he plays on (I don’t follow sports), but he was sitting there being interviewed and saying that he would quit the team if they didn’t give him a raise. How much was he asking for? A minimum of $24 million per year. Can you imagine? Who actually needs $24 million a year? I could live happily on that much money for the rest of my life and never want for anything, yet he said he couldn’t live on anything less.

I understand that sports take training and effort, you can get injured and all that, but $24 million a year? I don’t think there is a sport on the planet worth that much. Of course, that’s not the only paycheck he’d be getting. Merchandise, personal appearances and a slew of other ventures would also be supplementing his yearly income. He’d be getting more in a year than some people make in a lifetime. And they paid him what he wanted.

Actors and performers often get paid even more than athletes. It’s mind-blowing to think that some actors and actresses demand tens of millions of dollars per film. They make enough money from a single movie to support a small country for a year, and yet they never seem to have enough to be happy, and they’re always asking for more.

I’ve seen celebrities on television that make tens of millions of dollars a year, and yet they manage to end up filing bankruptcy and losing everything. I can’t even comprehend spending a fraction of what these people make, and yet they seem to have an uncanny ability to blow through their fortunes and end up in debt.

The reason all of this bothers me so much is not out of any envy or other personal issue. It bothers me because there are people who are out of work, struggling to survive, people who are starving and dying while celebrities waste millions of dollars on personal excess. Think about how many people could be fed and clothed and given medical attention if we cut each celebrities’ pay by even just $1 million a year. Multiply that million by the number of multi-millionnaire singers, actors and athletes, and the potential amount gathered is staggering. It would probably end up in the billions.

I’ve always believed that there should be celebrity pay caps. No celebrity, no matter their profession, should be paid more than a certain amount per year. Let the industry figure out how much. These people would just have to suck it up and learn to live on a still lavish but more reasonable income and get over it. No one making over a million dollars a year should be complaining about anything.

Not only could the money go back into the economy to help those in need, it would free up money to provide better salaries for people who actually deserve it. There’s no way you can convince me that an actor or ball player is more valuable to society and deserves higher pay than a teacher, police officer or ER nurse. There are people whose services we could not live without, people who educate us, take care of our health, and provide services that are far more valuable than entertainment. Those people should be paid far more than entertainers in any field.

Imagine that $1 million salary cut on all celebrities being split up and paid to people like teachers, firefighters, nurses and social workers. Raise minimum wage across the board so people can survive. The positive effect on society as a whole would be staggering. I think anyone who works in one of these or other vital professions would agree that what they do deserves higher pay than what a singer or wrestler gets.

If I could, I’d start some sort of movement to get all celebrity pay rates cut, and take back all that money for the people and programs that really need it. Give a dose of reality to these pampered superstars and bring them down off their pedestals a bit. Maybe someone out there can get something going, start some national movement to get the money back to those who need and deserve it. The world would become a much better place if the money was going where it was truly needed and deserved, instead of into the pockets of the already filthy rich.


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