Having Babies to Be Cool: A Disturbing Trend

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Not only are girls having babies younger and younger, now they’re doing it to be cool. Is it a middle-class problem, or an issue perpetuated by celebrities?

We’ve all seen the boom in celebrity pregnancies in the last few years. More and more celebs are becoming moms. Is it just their biological clocks kicking in, or are they doing it as a trend? If you look at a lot of the interviews, it seems like being a mom has suddenly become cool, and clebs all over the country are popping out babies as part of a new “hot celeb moms” trend. Since when are pregnancy and babies a fashion statement?

What’s even more disturbing than the rise in celebrity mommyhood, are the groups of girls desiring to become single mothers. There are actually groups of teens entering into pacts to have sex, become pregnant, and become single mothers. They think it’s a way of connecting to one another, and they think it’s a great idea. It’s rather frightening if you ask me.


You have to wonder where the parents are during all of this. What kind of family life must they have where no one has taught them the perils of single parenthood, and the dangers of teenage pregnancy? These girls actually believe that it’s a good idea to be single mothers, and seem to give no thought to what it will do to their lives.

Teen pregnancy means their lives as children are over. They will have to raise a child, instead of going to dances and parties and falling in love like teens should be able to do. It seems they’re not thinking about who’s going to support the child either. Do they consider how hard it is to work and raise a child at the same time? Perhaps they just assume that their own parents will take up the responsibility. I’ve heard some of the girls in interviews stating that they have no problem ending up on welfare to support the babies. It’s unbelievable that girls can think that this is a good way to live their lives.

If you have daughters, I suggest you teach them about safe sex, and stress the importance of waiting to have children until after they are adults, and able to support a family. Teen pregnancy is not cool, and being on welfare or passing the responsibility to the grandparents is not a good idea. Not to mention what it could do to the child being raised by a teen mother under stressed circumstances.Babies are not toys, nor are they fashion accessories. Becoming a parent is not something to be taken lightly, it’s a lifelong commitment. Even celebrity wealth is no guarantee that a child will have a good life, particularly when they were conceived as part of a trend. Parenthood should only be taken on by mature adults with stable lives.


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