Stop Gender Stereotypes in Toys

I just signed a petition to stop LEGO from making the horrid, pink, mostly prefab girls’ line of their building bricks. When I first saw the commercial on TV for these pink, shallow-activity-oriented, mostly built, boob-bearing toys, I knew something had to be done about it. I signed a petition back then, and I’ll sign others too.

I’ve always had an issue with the prevalence of gender stereotype toys. Girls like pink and dolls and boys like action figures and violence. The companies try to force certain ideas of thinking and behavior o children through the toys they produce. The girl toys are some of the worst.

The breast feeding doll? Really? Pink LEGOs? More and more dolls oriented around being vain, shallow and having no aspirations for the future beyond being prematurely sexualized. Yay. it’s no wonder so many kids turn out bad. There are issues among boys’ toys too, but the girls’ ones are appalling.

Here’s an idea… Why can’t we just have more TOYS? Why do they have to be gender specific? Why does the Easy Bake Oven have to be a feminine color and in the girls’ section? Aren’t some of the greatest chefs in the world men? Why do LEGOs have to be mostly pre-built now and associated with movies? What happened to the awesome LEGOs they had when I was young? Girls and boys alike loved them, and the neutral nature encouraged creativity.

It really wouldn’t be hard to organize toys by type rather than gender. It also wouldn’t be all that hard to make toys more gender neutral. Why do we have to keep reinforcing these rigid gender roles? Women can become race car drivers, surgeons and athletes, men can be chefs, fashion designers and makeup artists. There’s no need to try to enforce these antiquated gender ideas anymore.

People are people, kids are kids. Stop trying to push certain ideas and ways of being on them, especially when those ideas are not beneficial for their future.



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