Time-outs and Actually Punishing Your Children

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Nearly every time I go out I’m reminded of two things: 1) people shouldn’t be allowed to breed recklessly, and 2) people don’t know how to raise children.

I go to a store or restaurant, and more often than not there are children screaming, banging, running around, touching things and basically being a general menace. Their “parents” aren’t doing anything to control them. People like myself look on in disgust, annoyed by the children and saddened for them as well. These ill-trained little monsters are the adults of the future, and that doesn’t bode well for the future.

Seeing the commercial on TV where a child is put in a “time out” and proceeds to destroy the kitchen just goes to prove that parents don’t know what they’re doing. It’s rather pathetic that the point of the commercial is to show the durability of the appliances while also clearly showing how ineffective a time-out is. I’ve always seen timeouts as a waste. All they do is give the child time to mess around while you’re not looking or plot how to annoy you later. They don’t make children more obedient.

What ever happened to spanking? Oh, but we can’t allow people to raise a hand to a child! That’s abuse! It’s only abuse if you hit them somewhere other than the butt, too hard, or with something other than your hand. Many of us in the 30+ range got spanked as kids and we’re just fine. The fear of a spanking kept many a child in line.

I was also punished by having my favorite things removed. Didn’t put your books on the shelf? They’re gone for a month. Didn’t put your toys back in the toybox? They’re gone for a month or two. Play the radio too loud? Out of the room it comes. You know what? I learned very quickly to take care of my things and be respectful.

I was also taught not to make noise or touch things when in public. “Kids will be kids” is just an excuse lazy parents make for not controlling their children. I’ve seen plenty of parents with well-behaved kids, so I know it’s completely possible. Most people who have children just don’t care about raising them right.

I believe parents should go back to actually punishing kids and train them right from an early age. All this soft-touch nonsense combined with careless parenting is just breeding another generation of useless, disrespectful adults.


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