I Don’t Need to See Dead Fetuses on FaceBook

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I am literally shaking right now and trying very hard not to cry or vomit. I was going through status on my Close Friends feed and after seeing cute images of owls and puppies and cool stuff from The Goblin Market my eyes were assailed with a super close-up image of a bloody, dead fetus branded with “Save girls, stop abortion”.

It was sick, disgusting and totally offensive. I wrote a very unpleasant private message to the person who posted it and reported the post too. And you know what, it didn’t even have anything to do with the abortion issue. I had a miscarriage at 19. I have seen my own dead daughter. I know what a real dead baby looks like, I don’t need to see that sh!t on FaceBook. Seeing that image brought back memories of the most painful, tragic time in my life, and I really didn’t need that.

Do people not have brains in their heads? Why do people post things like that? I don’t need or want to see images of dead babies, tortured people or dead, tortured animals. I know, stupid people think they need the shock value to get their point across. You’re idiots. I’m sorry, I’m usually kind and open-minded and all, but seriously, these people deserve pain. It’s sick and unnecessary.

I’m against animal abuse, but I’d never post images of horribly maimed animals. It’s f*cked up. As for abortion, I believe in allowing it for medical emergencies and rape victims. But even if I was against it, I’d NEVER post a disgusting, offensive image like that.

Do they even think of people who’ve had miscarriages? Do they think of people who’d had pets that were attacked or killed? Do they even stop to think that that sh!t might bring up horrible memories and f*ck with innocent people? I guess not, because all they care about is being extremist a$$holes shoving their sh!t in someone’s face.

There are really some days when my ability to have compassion and understanding really gets tested. This is one of them.


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