Censorship and “Bad” Words (Warning: Adult Content)

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

There has been a lot of talk lately in a group I belong to, and it’s revolved around censorship and “bad” words. For the most part, I think people need to just get a grip and quit trying to control what other people say. If certain words bother you, you can always go read something else or stay away from writers who are prone to “offensive” language.

Some claim that sites like Bubblews should censor and that writers should avoid “foul” language so we can maintain advertising. Um, there are tons of sites out there that have swearing and such and they get advertising. The easy fix? Allow users to put a rating on their own content so readers know ahead of time that the content may offend them. Do that and readers don’t have to read content that might offend them and writers get free speech. Everyone’s happy.

Here’s the thing too, words aren’t inherently bad. I think it’s all about how the word is used. It’s ignorant to say certain words are just bad or wrong.

Retard or retarded can be offensive, but it can also be used in a legitimate way.
F*ck isn’t all bad. F*cking is fun. It’s bad if I call you a retarded f*ck, but that’s the use of the word, not the word itself.
Cock is another one. I’m not even going to bother using an asterisk on that one because it’s a male chicken. When used to refer to a penis it’s still not really a “bad” word.
We have pussy cats and pussy willows, so nothing wrong with that, until you call someone one with the intent to hurt their feelings.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Words are not bad, it’s the intent with which they’re used. People just get too sensitive. I believe in free speech, and sometimes swearing is part of that. There are lots of disgusting and offensive things that get talked about all the time, but no one cares because they don’t fit into some arbitrary list of what’s “bad”.

And suddenly I have the urge to go make a graphic that says “Cock and Pussy Show” with an image of a cat and a rooster. I already have “One hot pussy” with a flaming cat and “looking for a good cock” with a glowing rooster in my shop, so why the hell not? People keep buying them!

And now that I’ve thoroughly offended some people who read this even though the title clearly warned them, I’m signing off for the night.


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